Announcement: Server update

Posted by Joyce on 2015-12-13 05:56:42 CST

Hello players!

The irony of today does not escape me. I was planning on getting the update out of the way earlier than usual because I'll be travelling on Tuesday and have a lot to do, but then I was notified that, the server where is hosted, will be doing a server update this weekend and they advised against updating websites in case any data is lost.

You can see the announcement here:

So this means that the update will be delayed into whenever is safe to update. If for any reasons there are complications and my trip happens without me being able to update, next update will be double. Let's hope that doesn't happen haha

Thank you for your patience!


Kazzeon (2015-12-13 09:17:47 CST)
Hope everything goes well, good luck with your trip.. n_n

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