Update: Early Happy New Year!

Posted by Joyce on 2015-12-29 16:11:57 CST

New Members: None this week.
Referrals: None this week.
Affiliates: None this week.
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 14), Woody (Level 5), Cami (Level 4). Congratulations!
Masteries: Adelicya (vampire4, exorcist4, onepiece3, shokugeki1, sp-oddsandends), Woody (angeliclayer2), Cami (sp-theart, barakiss1, kuroko1, kuroko2), Lex (sp-clampsouth), Jun (hackguplus2, eyeshield1, eyeshield2, yugioh22). Congratulations!
Mini-masteries: Kazzeon, Mirai, Dan, Joyce. Congratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly, Biweekly A.
Other Announcements: I'm really sick and I've been for the last few days so that's why I'm late with this update. I couldn't make or upload decks this week, sorry! Hopefully I'll start getting better soon.

For freebies this week, you may pick up a card for each of the letters in NEW YEAR because 2016 will be here soon! They must all be from different decks and the letter must be somewhere in the FILENAME. One of them can be a special card. These will expire next Sunday when the card release goes up. Please comment with what you take.

The freebies from the previous card release will be up for one more week until the new sets are released. Regarding upcoming decks, as always you can follow the vote here.

Nothing else to add for now, if you have any questions, drop me a contact form. Happy trading!


Mirai (2016-01-02 08:41:14 CST)
Update freebies: kiminitodoke209, pandorahearts104, wish104, dgrayman111, fatezero112, stardust101, sp-dermond07

a happy new year to everyone! hope 2016 brings you lots of good things C:

Dan (2016-01-01 22:22:14 CST)
newyear: nezumi107, eyeshield906, arakawa202, natsuyuki401, planetes103, sp-kinkatou01, fatezero112

LiCobra (2016-01-01 22:00:42 CST)
New Year Freebies: natsume107, airgear109, swordartonline106, yugioh105, overheaven04, sp-artworks04-1002, another110

I've just joined but happy new year to everybody. Made it just in time for the freebies update toung.gif

Joyce (2016-01-01 18:37:16 CST)
Update Freebies: kiminitodoke304, medakabox206, sp-mawaruart04, fairytail104, eden105, hikago308, nabari102

Happy new year!!

Adelicya (2015-12-31 19:54:58 CST)
Freebies (NEW YEAR): deathnote404, fairytail1001, swordartonline101, yugioh1201, reborn1106, baccano303, dragonball107

Kazzeon (2015-12-29 22:32:48 CST)
New Year: ginnosaji103, elfenlied1204, spiceandwolf209, dgrayman104, kotonobadrive109, bakuman804, prunusgirl207

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