Update: Still kicking!

Posted by Joyce on 2016-02-01 22:30:04 CST

New Members: Edel... Welcome!
Referrals: Woody x1 (pick up your rewards here!)
Affiliates: None this week.
Birthdays: Akito, Joyce, Marge, Woody (pick up your gifts here!)
Level Ups: Mirai (Level 14). Congratulations!
Masteries: Mirai (pandorahearts1, holic1, fatezero1, wish2). Congratulations!
Mini-masteries: Mirai. Contratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly, Biweekly A
Other Announcements: There were 10 regular decks added to the upcoming list! I fixed the affiliates form and we haven't had more spam issues. What a relief! The theme for the February mini-mastery has been updated. Because of Valentines and such, I chose duo2 so you may use couples in your mini-mastery badge if you want! I'll be making and sending graphics and milestones tomorrow. Sorry for the wait on that! I hope you had a nice week. My weekend was very tiring haha.

For freebies this week, you may pick up five cards from the randomizer. One of them may be a special card. These will expire next Sunday when the card release goes up. Please comment with what you take.

The freebies from the previous card release will be up for one more week until the new sets are released. Regarding upcoming decks, as always you can follow the vote here.

Nothing else to add for now, if you have any questions, drop me a contact form. Happy trading!


Joyce (2016-02-07 17:02:27 CST)
Update Freebies: shokugeki211, tetsugakuletra213, vinland115, bakuman302, sp-noche04

Mirai (2016-02-05 13:12:13 CST)
Update freebies: shiki103, yamada201, evangelion202, kuroko201, sp-backgammonremix04

thanks a lot!

Kazzeon (2016-02-03 04:10:34 CST)
Update Freebies: zetsubousensei114, ikamusume115, pandorahearts308, reborn301, sp-colorwalk106

LiCobra (2016-02-02 23:23:38 CST)
Update Freebies: sp-allcolour03, bishoujo806, phantom105, kuroko414, magi303

Thank you! ^^

Edel (2016-02-02 06:47:55 CST)
Update (Randomizer): ghoul206, aoharuride315, naruto204, staynight113, rantohaiiro115

Thank you!!

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