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Release: Double update on time!

Posted by Joyce on 2015-12-20 21:28:48 CST

New Members: None this week.
Referrals: None this week.
Affiliates: None this week.
Level Ups: None this week.
Masteries: None this week.
Mini-masteries: Adelicya. Congratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly, Biweekly A, Biweekly B
New Cards: I'm excited to unveil the new cards that will be released today! Thanks for your suggestions and votes. There are 15 manga decks and 1 light novel deck.

You may take 12 regular cards. No more than 2 per deck and you must comment with your choices. The deadline for these freebies is the next card release, once new sets are up, you cannot take more freebies from old releases.

Other Announcements: There were 10 regular decks added to the upcoming list and one set of level banners. I will be making some special decks soon. They usually take a bit more of work so that's why I haven't uploaded any recently. As you can see this is a double update, but you may only play weekly games once. The next card release will be on January 3rd.

You may pick up a card for each of the letters in HOLIDAYS because they're just around the corner! These cards must all be from different decks and the letter must be somewhere in the FILENAME. One of them can be a special card. These will expire next Sunday. Please comment with what you take.

Nothing else to add for now, if you have any questions, drop me a contact form. Happy trading!

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Announcement: Server update

Posted by Joyce on 2015-12-13 05:56:42 CST

Hello players!

The irony of today does not escape me. I was planning on getting the update out of the way earlier than usual because I'll be travelling on Tuesday and have a lot to do, but then I was notified that three-words.net, the server where luminaskies.net is hosted, will be doing a server update this weekend and they advised against updating websites in case any data is lost.

You can see the announcement here: http://status.three-words.net/index.php/category/upcoming/

So this means that the update will be delayed into whenever is safe to update. If for any reasons there are complications and my trip happens without me being able to update, next update will be double. Let's hope that doesn't happen haha

Thank you for your patience!

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