Release: Smaller release

Posted by Joyce on 2015-07-27 00:13:04 CDT

New Members: None this week.
Referrals: None this week.
Affiliates: None this week.
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 11), Crow (Level 2), Lenamii (Level 7), Dan (Level 10). Congratulations!
Masteries: Adelicya (fairytail3, bleach4, deathnote1, kuroshitsuji1), Kazzeon (sp-fantasia, sp-kei-iro, sp-visualworks), Mirai (aoharuride1), Lenamii (sp-monochrome), Dan (sp-artworks04-10, sp-backgammonremix, sp-monochrome, barakamon1, eyeshield2, stardust2, akumetsu2). Congratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly, Biweekly B
New Cards: I'm excited to unveil the new cards that will be released today! Thanks for your suggestions and votes. There are 11 manga decks, 3 light novel decks and 2 special decks.

You may take 10 regular puzzle cards and 2 special cards. No more than 2 per deck and you must comment with your choices. The deadline for these freebies is the next card release, once new sets are up, you cannot take more freebies from old releases.

Other Announcements: There were 10 regular decks added to the upcoming list. There was one new set of level banners added, too. I will be traveling next week and I'm not sure if I'll have internet access or time availability to do the weekly update. If I can't, please know in advance. I'll try my best to do it though.

Nothing else to add for now, if you have any questions, drop me a contact form. Happy trading!


Joyce (2015-08-18 17:00:01 CDT)
Release Freebies: 5ds103, 5ds109, bishoujo401, bishoujo411, hackguplus305, hackguplus308, nodame309, nodame315, yugioh2203, yugioh2207, sp-kinkatou08, sp-infinity04

Bea (2015-08-02 08:11:30 CDT)
Update Freebies: baccano305, baccano308, durarara207, durarara203, oniisan204, oniisan206, yugioh2201, yugioh2215, hackguplus309, hackguplus311, sp-xinfinity03, sp-xinfinity07

lenamii (2015-08-01 10:31:18 CDT)
Taking: 5ds105, baccano306, bishoujo407, durarara209, exorcist410, getbackers111, hackguplus312, haikyuu313, oniisan214, toradora215, sp-kinkatou01, sp-xinfinity04

Thanks for the update & have fun on your trip smile.gif

Lex (2015-07-31 16:20:31 CDT)
New Decks: baccano305, baccano313, bishoujo402, bishoujo409, bulletsandcarnage112, haikyuu306, oniisan203, initiald114, getbackers105, nodame310, sp-kinkatou02, sp-xinfinity04


Jun (2015-07-31 14:34:14 CDT)
Eeeee so many good releases!

Snagged yugioh2201, yugioh2204, oniisan213, oniisan215, getbackers101, getbackers102, hackguplus308, hackguplus309, 5ds112, 5ds115, sp-kinkatou09, sp-kinkatou06

sujini (2015-07-28 21:32:12 CDT)
taking exorcist407, exorcist408, baccano308, baccano309, durarara208, durarara209, haikyuu307, haikyuu309, toradora207, toradora209, sp-kinkatou06, sp-kinkatou08

thank you for the update! ^^;

p/s: am collecting exorcist4 if you'd like to trdae bigsmile.gif

Bunny (2015-07-28 21:25:37 CDT)
New Decks: bishoujo407, bishoujo412, initiald114, initiald115, haikyuu311, haikyuu315, baccano307, baccano312, exorcist411, exorcist412, sp-xinfinity03, sp-xinfinity08

Thank you!

Adelicya (2015-07-27 09:55:32 CDT)
Thanks for the update!

Update: 5ds109, 5ds110, exorcist405, exorcist406, haikyuu313, haikyuu314, yugioh2201, yugioh2202, baccano311, baccano312, sp-xinfinity06, sp-xinfinity07

Mirai (2015-07-27 09:05:44 CDT)
Update freebies: baccano302, baccano303, bishoujo412, durarara213, exorcist402, exorcist413, haikyuu310, nodame313, oniisan214, toradora201, sp-kinkatou05, sp-xinfinity03

thank you!

Akito (2015-07-27 04:09:32 CDT)
Update: baccano301, baccano302, durarara201, durarara202, hackguplus309, nodame302, exorcist405, toradora204, toradora208, haikyuu308, sp-kinkatou09, sp-kinkatou05

Crow (2015-07-27 02:24:42 CDT)
New Decks: hackguplus308, hackguplus304, bishoujo414, bishoujo411, durarara210, bulletsandcarnage113, exorcist412, yugioh2209, baccano312, toradora213, sp-kinkatou03, sp-xinfinity03

Kazzeon (2015-07-27 01:03:23 CDT)
Update Freebies: initiald105, initiald108, yugioh2206, yugioh2209, haikyuu303, haikyuu313, baccano307, baccano310, exorcist406, exorcist409, sp-kinkatou07, sp-kinkatou03

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